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Hotel Strandtangen is situated at the edge of the Limfjord and has magnificent views over the fjord and the harbor.

Neighboring our hotel, and in the middle of the beautiful Krabbesholm Forest, is the old, beautifully renovated sanctuary Resenlund. The buildings include Skive Musikskole and Helledie Glaspusteri, which is definitely worth a visit.

Skive town offers cozy pedestrian streets decorated with works of local artists, and in 2006 the city became known for "The 11 stars" -- an art piece that incorporates all 11 roundabouts of Skive.

In the Limfjord Cultural Center you will find a state-of-the-art cinema, a water park, a gym -- and just outside the city is the Skive Golf Course.

North of Skive there are many attractions that are definitely worth a visit. eg. Jesperhus Flower Park, Jeppe Åkjær Jenle, Mønsted Limestone, Daugbjerg Limestone (both underground caves) or Denmark's best preserved medieval castle Spøttrup Borg with live action, a rose garden and a herb garden that features old medicinal plants.

Visit Stårup Brewery with a large selection of beers and fruit drinks or Dalsgård Antik, a house with everything from flea market items to very old and fine antiques.

Take the ferry "Sleipner" to Fur, the island located "2 minutes from Denmark", and find fossils. Also see and taste the island's organic specialties; the beer from Fur Bryghus, which also has a restaurant and is open for tours.

Fur is also home to Fur Kaffe, Tea and Whiskey House owned by Villy Svinth. In addition to Whiskey, Villy also imports his own coffee, tea and rum, which is quite the tasting experience.

At Thise Dairy in Thise you will find a nice shop where all the local and delicious organic products can be bought.