Passengerboat M/S Safari Queen

Hotel Strandtangen has picked up a classic passenger boat in Stockholm, and now offers exciting trips on the Limfjord, where you have the opportunity to join the M/S Safari Queen and experience the fjord under the auspices of the ship.

We can arrange tours of 2 hours duration or longer, depending on what is desired.

In the lounge you can enjoy a meal and drink at cozy tables, or you can stay in the lounge furniture on the 1st deck, where you can enjoy the view, relaxing in the spacious 40 sqm area.

There is a toilet on board.

You can pre-order meals and drinks for enjoyment on-site at Restaurant Strandtangen. You can also choose to bring your own meals.

However, remember to bring utensils too -- as this is not on the boat.

The boat has draft beer, wine and water for purchase during the sailing.

There are life jackets, fleets and rescue rings for all occupants, in accordance with local laws and regulations.

We will not sail out if the weather does not allow it. It's the captain's final call whether the ship will stay in the harbor or sail out.

Price per hour by sign-up is DKK 1250,000 with the starting point Skive Harbour. The expenses cover maintenance costs in order to keep the boat sailing.

The trips must be a minimum of 2 hours, but please inquire at tel 96 760 800 or 40 33 13 43 for questions and considerations.

Grønning Øre 35 - 45 minutter

Lyby Strand  30 - 40 minutter

Hvalpsund  1 time 15 minutter

Virksund  1 time 35 minutter

Fur Havn  3 timer

Glyngøre  4 timer

Nykøbing Mors  4 timer

Sillerslev Havn  5 timer

Rønbjerg Havn  4 timer

Livø  4 timer

Løgstør  5 timer

Jegindø  6 timer



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