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Activities at the hotel

Activities for children and adults

We offer various types of activities at Hotel Strandtangen.
For prices and booking these, contact the reception or contact us at telephone: 96 760 800 or mail reception@strandtangen.com

SUB – Stand Up Paddleboard.

We offer rental of:
2 pcs. family boards and 4 pcs. single boards.

– It is possible to borrow a life jacket and wet suit.

Kajak – “Sit on top” kajakker.

We offer rental of:
2 pcs. two-person and 3-person one-person kayaks.

– It is possible to borrow a life jacket and wet suit.

Water bike/Pedal boat

We offer rental of:
1 piece. water bike with room for 4 people.

– It is possible to borrow a life jacket and wet suit.


We offer rental of:
3 pieces. bicycles.

– It is possible to borrow a child seat and bicycle helmet.


A short walking distance from the reception, you will find a public playground.

Orienteering/tours in the forest –a map of Krabbesholm Forest is available at the reception, where there are marked entries in different routes and degrees of difficulty. The map is also useful if you just want to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful forest.

Movie from guest

Hello from Düsseldorf,

We had a wonderful stay at your Hotel in May and enjoyed it so much.

We want to say thank you, not only with this E-Mail, also with a summery of our videos we made with a drone.

A short film of your Hotel Strandtangen, the nice harbour and the beautiful surrounding area:


We hope you like our impressions,

Best Regards,

Evelyn van Vreden

Sebastian Bolik ( Scott Safety )

We can offer more than most

Look below and see what we, among other things, can offer you as a guest at Hotel Strandtangen

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