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Max Bar top 10 bar

Maxi bar

Our Maxi Bar is open 24/7 and offers beer, wine, water, sweets, snacks and noodles. There is a varied selection that changes regularly.

Top 10 Bar

Our Top 10 Bar has a selection based on recommendations and tests by international magazines and worldwide rating pages.

Here we serve a selection of the 10 World Best Brands fromam, among others, gin, whiskey and rum.

Top 10 Bar is open during reception opening hours.

The reception is open during the following times:

Monday – Friday at 07.00am – 09.00pm

Saturday/holidays at 08.00am – 06.00pm

Sunday at 08.00am – 03.00pm

We can offer more than most

Look below and see what we, among other things, can offer you as a guest at Hotel Strandtangen

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